Amistad crew welcomed in Praia

The schooner Amistad is currently docked at Praia seaport, where the crew was welcomed yesterday in a celebration organized by the Ministry of Culture.

It was approximately four o’clock in the afternoon when the cannon rounds signaled the ship’s entrance into the port. The 129-foot-long, 136-ton vessel docked without any trouble, and, to the sound of tabanka and batuko, the captain of Amistad, Eliza Garfield, was greeted by Minister of Culture Manuel Veiga and by the visit’s organizing committee. For Garfield, the slave-ship replica’s stopover in Cape Verde is an honor, and signals the acknowledgement of the history of Cape Verde, which is, in part, the “history of the Amistad.” Prime Minister José Maria Neves was also on hand to welcome the crew of Amistad, visiting the ship’s cabin, where a photography exhibition reproduces the events that made the ship famous.

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